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Welcome to Strength & Speed Ratings.  We track and convey outstanding athletic feats, especially those which other major standards organizations do not cover … or are unable to cover due to our unique abilities developed over decades to compare athletic feats in disparate athletic areas. 
Please look around our expanding website and consider receiving our newsletters and books which cover Extraordinary (and ordinary) feats of athletics in 4 ways no one else does. 
  1. Tracking World Record and extraordinarily Feats of Athletics which no one else does, for all age/sex groups (e.g. men 35-39, women 60-65, etc). 
  2. Strict verification of World Records in areas that do not have well developed athletic governing bodies
  3. Normalizing Ordinary and Extraordinary performances in hundreds athletic disciplines for all ages and both sexes
  4. Comparing and Combining feats of athletics between these hundreds of athletic areas, to evaluate & recognize the world’s most versatile athletes as no other organization can
We work with and try to complement all other governing bodies and major standards organizations, and refer to them for more depth within their particular areas (e.g., USATF/IAAF/WMA for Track & Field, NFL/NCAA for American Football, USA Swimming, FIFA/etc. for Soccer).  We also recognize the Guinness Book of Records for their breadth, while noting they do not recognize Age Group records, nor verify records to accepted standards (e.g., “most parallel bar dips in one minute is 173” though video of this shows barely inches of movement VS the 90 degree → lockout elbow required by reputable judging).